Qattara 24sp

Fat Tire Qattara

The Qattara Depression in North Africa is an area of such difficult geography and terrain that it is considered impassable by ordinary vehicles. Sand Dunes, escarpments, and especially super-fine, soft sand impede and deny forward movement. That’s exactly the type of challenge that this fat-tire beast relishes. On a traditional mountain bike, you could only go so far before the terrain would swallow your wheels and make you get off and walk. Meanwhile, the Qattara would go sailing by, like it’s cruising on asphalt. That’s the beauty of 4 inch tires and super-light hydroformed aluminum construction. Forget about off-road– the Qattara was made for off-trail. Take it out wherever you want– sand, snow, mud, pumice, or even shallow lakebeds. The Qattara opens up a whole new dimension of outdoor exploration. 

The Qattara comes equipped with a 24-speed Shimano drivetrain and powerful disc brakes. Lightweight rims with cutouts decrease weight and improve acceleration. The Qattara’s unique fat-tire frame is crafted of the highest quality hydro-formed aluminum, carefully designed to handle exotic terrain with familiar control. 







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